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Burma 1943
Nepal 1953
Everest Expedition 1953
Tibet 1953
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Sacred Mountain is a gripping adventure, taking the reader from the stifling, war-time jungles of Burma to the high passes and towering peaks of the Himalaya. It's a moving story about one man's life, torn apart by the consequences of war, and his struggle to atone.

"A novel that shines with competence, elegance, drama and a solid plot." Historical Novel Society. 1st May 2014. 

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Sometimes you happen upon a book that leaves a lasting impression - and this is one of them. The author - who clearly knows the Himalayan setting well - mixes past and present masterfully to create a layered novel that's not only a page-turner but, being factually based, educates the reader too. I highly recommend this book!"

Philip Armitage is only 19 when sent to fight in Burma as an inexperienced army officer. Deep behind enemy lines and cut off from his column, he struggles to save the lives of his loyal Gurkha soldiers by leading them safely back to India. 

     Ten years later, haunted by these memories, he arrives in Kathmandu, sent by the Times to report on the 1953 Everest Expedition. He finds a city bursting with Tibetan refugees, driven from their homeland by the recent Chinese invasion, and reporters from other papers intent on intercepting the dispatches and scooping the story. 
      Climbing high into the Himalaya mountains he finds himself as the only person able to lead a mission to save one of Tibetan Buddhism's most sacred men, and with him the future of Tibet resistance. But to do so he must face up to his past and hope he can find redemption on the desolate lower slopes of Everest, the Sacred Mountain.

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